The Hosts

Brandon Perdue

Brandon had an epiphany during the first few hours of Jak & Daxter: he wanted to get into game design.  Years later, he is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon’s prestigious Entertainment Technology Center with a focus on design, writing, and production.  He has been published on Gamasutra and has edited academic texts on transmedia, besides maintaining a second life as a freelance writer for Tap Repeatedly and other outlets.  He does not remember when or why he decided writing was awesome, but odds are it had to do with Star Trek.  He is also a longtime hobby gamer with an affection for RPGs that didn’t quite get off the ground.  He infrequently updates his own site with editorials on games and can be found on Twitter as @BlueoftheKin.

Kristine Chester

Kristine’s lifelong love affair with stories began either from watching Duck Tales as a child or when her father first read her The Hobbit. She prefers the second possibility because it makes her sound way classier. She considers herself to be a renaissance geek, with interests in science fiction and fantasy literature, comic books, video games, and tabletop RPGs. Kristine is a professional editor and writer who produces content for her own website and hopes to one day provide a strong role model for the transgender community through her writing. In addition, she is a Senior Contributor over at Fanboy Comics where she reviews comic books, video games, and tabletop RPGs, and interviews professionals in these industries. Kristine can be found on Twitter as @12thKnight.