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Episode 010: Best of Star Trek (The Original Series)

In this episode: Brandon and Kristine talk about some of their favorite episodes of the original Star Trek.  Also, they share their thoughts on the next Batgirl writer and the possibility of a Chew TV series.




Episode 006: Grab Bag #1

In this episode: Kristine & Brandon hit Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, watch some fall TV, debate FTL: Faster Than Light, and speculate about Iron Man 3.  Also, Brandon has delusions of inspiring Star Citizen.


Music is “Lost” by Dyman.


Episode 004: Cancelled Television

Now the story of a bunch of TV shows that got cancelled and the two fans who’re going to talk about them all together.  Also: Thanos in the upcoming Marvel flicks and Fanboy Comics’ new graphic novel Identity Thief!

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Music is “Lost” by Dyman