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Episode 006: Grab Bag #1

In this episode: Kristine & Brandon hit Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, watch some fall TV, debate FTL: Faster Than Light, and speculate about Iron Man 3.  Also, Brandon has delusions of inspiring Star Citizen.


Music is “Lost” by Dyman.



Episode 005: DC’s Zero Month

In this episode: Brandon & Kristine look back at the fruits of DC’s “Zero Month”, September 2012, including the “Third Wave” books.  Also: some creative team shuffling and the newly-unveiled Spider-Man series.

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Music is “Lost” by Dyman.


Episode 001: Introduction and The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

The pilot episode!  Brandon & Kristine talk about the new podcast, and then dive into the comic book origins of the newest Spidey film, The Amazing Spider-Man.  Plus: SDCC news and shout-outs!

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Music is “Lost” by Dyman.