Episode 011: David Accampo Interview

In this episode: Kristine and Brandon talk to David Accampo, one of the creative forces behind one of their favorite audio dramas, Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery, and the current comic series Sparrow & Crowe.  Also: DC takes away one book we like while Marvel adds another we might, and we give some sci-fi shout-outs.  As a bonus, Brandon opens up about his troubled childhood.

Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery

Sparrow & Crowe: The Demoniac of Los Angeles

Follow Dave on Twitter at @daccampo.

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Episode 010: Best of Star Trek (The Original Series)

In this episode: Brandon and Kristine talk about some of their favorite episodes of the original Star Trek.  Also, they share their thoughts on the next Batgirl writer and the possibility of a Chew TV series.



Episode 008: Starfighter Sims (or, Play Freespace 1)

In this episode: Brandon & Kristine engage one of their favorite game genres.  Also, talk of movies with an “Ex” in the title abound.  Plus, if you like to read, read about the history of Marvel Comics.  If you don’t like to read, watch some Halo.



Episode 007: Interview with Rob Daviau

In this episode: Brandon recycles an interview he did for a different (and deceased) podcast, discussing a ten-year-old Star Wars board game with its designer, Rob Daviau.  Meanwhile, Kristine talks gory love, Brandon’s brain explodes twice, and someone, somewhere, realizes that this probably should have been an episode about James Bond.



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Episode 006: Grab Bag #1

In this episode: Kristine & Brandon hit Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, watch some fall TV, debate FTL: Faster Than Light, and speculate about Iron Man 3.  Also, Brandon has delusions of inspiring Star Citizen.


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Episode 005: DC’s Zero Month

In this episode: Brandon & Kristine look back at the fruits of DC’s “Zero Month”, September 2012, including the “Third Wave” books.  Also: some creative team shuffling and the newly-unveiled Spider-Man series.

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Episode 004: Cancelled Television

Now the story of a bunch of TV shows that got cancelled and the two fans who’re going to talk about them all together.  Also: Thanos in the upcoming Marvel flicks and Fanboy Comics’ new graphic novel Identity Thief!

And when you’re done with us, don’t forget to listen to the Books & Shit podcast.

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Episode 003: Video Game Canon with Matt Sakey

In this episode: Brandon & Kristine are joined by game consultant, scholar, and IGDA columnist Matt Sakey to talk about some video games everyone should play – and why!  Also: Fantasy Flight Games’s new Star Wars RPG, the announcement of Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse, and more!

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Episode 002: RPGs and Game Mastering

Brandon & Kristine talk about a shared love: tabletop roleplaying games and, especially, game mastering them.  Plus some news and stuff!

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